Telehealth Solutions Built Around Your Needs

Are you trying to address the lost revenue due to the effects of COVID?


Patients are simply avoiding in-person interactions, which for healthcare means they are not walking through the doors of your facilities to get treatment, address their medical concerns and/or  get ancillary services. To be successful and keep your patients from going elsewhere, healthcare organizations need to increase access points by embracing virtual care delivery modalities. More contact with patients means higher patient retention and opportunities for additional service revenue.

Solution: Provide patients a new (digital) front door to care that gives them access to care from anywhere .

Does your organization need:

  • A single solution that can address a range of low acuity to high acuity care?
  • One entry point/platform that supports health systems to homes, schools, skilled nursing facilities, rural clinics, employers, EMS and others?
  • A delivery platform that connects your patient portal (or website) to the exam room?
  • Able to support both  asynchronous and synchronous virtual engagement models?

We would love to learn more about your virtual care delivery needs so we can construct a solution that directly meets your needs today and in the future.  Fill out the “request a meeting” form on this page to meet with one of our Strategic Advisors and discuss your program requirements.