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Hemodynamic Monitoring System

Improve Clinical Outcomes for Cardiac Patients and Reduce Readmissions

MyNICaS™ is a portable non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring system designed for telehealth applications to provide full hemodynamic profiles including cardiac output and fluid status. The technology behind the system uses whole body impedance cardiography, and eliminates the need for invasive and expensive SWAN testing. The portable hemodynamic technology is integrated with our AGNES telemedicine platform so healthcare professionals can quickly run an analysis on a cardiac patient and then share it with a remote specialist during a telehealth visit.

MyNICaS™ is a portable hemodynamic monitoring system designed for telehealth applications to provide cardiac output and fluid status, and part of the AMD Global Telemedicine family of telehealth products and solutions.


  • Better Manage CHF, Hypertension and Dialysis Patients
  • Understand a patient's hemodynamics PRIOR to them being symptomatic and make the necessary medical and dietary changes to keep them from going into heart failure.
  • Treat cardiovascular patients in place to improve clinical outcomes and significantly reduce readmissions.
  • Make better informed decisions for dialysis patients regarding more aggressive diuresis or need to increase vasodilation.
  • Identify high risk patients early on and detect hemodynamic deterioration in advance of other clinical parameters.

Product Features

  • 100% noninvasive and easy to use – no need for patient to undress.
  • Regional Impedance Cardiography – the only technology that measures effective cardiac output, effective cardiac power index and true peripheral resistance.
  • Strong and clean signal, taken from the radial and posteriors tibialis arteries, results in high accuracy and reproducibility.
  • The only Impedance technology that meets FDA guidelines for statistical bioequivalent to thermodilution.
  • Provides continuous reading of Stroke Volume, Cardiac Output, Cardiac Power Index, Total Peripheral Resistance, Left ventricle systolic function and Total Body Water.
  • Superior accuracy and reproducibility in comparison to competing thoracic impedance devices.
  • Insurance reimbursable with CPT Code 93701

Integration with AGNES®

  • Simultaneously capture and share medical device data

  • Exchange documents and medical images

  • Participate in a live video conference with the remote consulting physician

Note: There are no user fees or doctor fees associated with AGNES and unlimited receiving sites.

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