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AMD Global Telemedicine Appoints Tom Foley as Vice President of Growth

Jul 29, 2020 | Company News

Chelmsford, MA, July 29, 2020–AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. (AMD), a pioneer of virtual care technology solutions, announces Tom Foley as a new addition to their management team to lead the company’s market growth strategy and help expand their portfolio within integrated health systems. Tom brings over thirty years’ experience as a thought leader in the healthcare technology and virtual care space.

Tom joins AMD as the Vice President of Growth to lead the development of business plans that drive profitability and market share for the company. His expertise in multi-million dollar healthcare initiatives and developing frameworks for partnerships and alliances are key components of his new role at AMD.

“AMD Global Telemedicine is uniquely qualified in the market as a leader in seamless real-time device interoperability,” comment Tom Foley. “I am excited to be able to collaborate closely with our clients to build a virtual care delivery service – not just a video visit,” added Foley.

As an executive leader at Cerner and LenovoHealth and a consultant to Anthem, Foley has a strong background in developing healthcare technology strategies that help Integrated Delivery Networks, community healthcare systems, Long-Term Post-Acute Care facilities, payers, and private employers transform toward virtual care delivery models. He played a significant role in developing Cerner’s Virtual Care Delivery Model framework and launched the WW Health Solution strategy at LenovoHealth that changed the way the worldwide market looks at delivery of care, connected health and virtual care models.

“Tom’s background as a thought leader of virtual care delivery models within integrated health systems is what sets him apart from others.” commented Eric Bacon, President of AMD Global Telemedicine. “Tom is a powerful addition to AMD’s executive team and will provide valuable assistance to healthcare systems as they transform into a new digital reality,” added Bacon.

About AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc.
AMD Global Telemedicine has been a pioneer of Telemedicine and an industry leader in telehealth solutions for the last 30 years. AMD’s telehealth solutions include software platforms, integrated medical devices, and telemedicine systems that empower healthcare providers to deliver the highest possible level of care to any patient, anywhere, regardless of the circumstances.


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